Pledge to campaign for our rights, environmental protections, and multiculturalism

06 July 2016

The UK has voted to leave the EU. Now we must all mobilise to defend our hard-won rights and environmental protections, and to stand up for multiculturalism.Please pledge to be a crucial part of that campaign.

Brexit fallout: Six practical ways to help fix this mess

04 July 2016

It turns out you actually love your country; it just took a bunch of narcissistic chancers to vandalise it before you realised that

First-Past-The-Post gets another pasting

02 July 2016

We originally shared this about a year ago...

We Need a General Election to Deliver a Mandate for the Future

01 July 2016

The people of Britain made a decision on Thursday that they wanted to leave the European Union, not by a large majority, but a clear one. But there is no certainty, hardly any idea, of what comes next.

Caroline Lucas dismisses rumours she is set to join shadow cabinet

30 June 2016

The Brighton Pavilion MP's team has issued a statement on her behalf responding to claims that she is set to join the Labour Party's shadow cabinet as shadow secretary for energy and climate change

aaaand we're back in the room...

29 June 2016

Join the Greens, it's not all tree-hugging

at long last...

17 August 2015

curry fund raiser for Walsall Green Party


21 July 2015

Who do you think should be writing the terms of the huge trade deal between the EU and the US that’s currently being negotiated? Politicians? European citizens? Or corporate lobbyists, paid hundreds of thousands of Euros a year to push a big business agenda in Brussels?

Here we go again...

01 June 2015

Walsall Council could be in line for new leader after election shifts balance of power

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