Educating Walsall

11 October 2017

Education in Walsall has been (and still is) an unmitigated disaster. Here's a new development that bears close scrutiny

The Party for the Economy pt2?

28 July 2017

The tories like to tell us they're the ones to trust when it comes to looking after the economy; how realistic is that claim? Let's take another look, shall we?One of the knock on effects of full employment is wage growth. With fewer people looking for work, employers are forced to raise pay to attract workers.

The Party for the Economy?

24 October 2016

Natalie Bennett in Walsall

08 September 2016

An evening with Natalie Bennett in Walsall

04 September 2016

Natalie Bennett dropped in to say 'hello' Here we look in more detail at a couple of the topics she touched on. This article is NOT written by Natalie Bennett, but looks at some of the subject she covered during the evening.

An Evening with Natalie Bennett in Walsall

23 July 2016

Green Party Leader Natalie Bennett is coming to Walsall to talk about what we can do nationally and locally in these difficult post-Brexit times. The event is also a great opportunity for meeting other like-minded people and socialising with your fellow Greens.

Open letter to: Jeremy Corbyn, Tim Farron, Leanne Wood on behalf of Green Party of England and Wales,

13 July 2016

Natalie Bennett wrote this on 30th June. Since then the Labour Party has got embroiled in a leadership struggle. Whatever the outcome of that contest, we need to be ready

Five stories buried by Brexit

11 July 2016

Taken from articles in the Guardian and the Daily Mirror, July 2016.

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