11 July 2016

There' s been a lot in the news lately. Its' all been about 'brexit' and the outcomes and consequences.
But what else has been happening?


Quite a bit, as it happens...


Union  and EU flags painted on brick wall

1. Austerity policies breach the UK’s human rights obligations
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2. Child poverty has spiked
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3. Delayed state pension for hundreds of thousands of women
Visit 'Women Against State Pension Inequality' Facebook page to find out more 

4. Children with mental health problems are being denied treatment
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5. The DWP is delaying the release of benefit death reports (again)
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The original inspiration for this post came from articles in th eGuardian and in the Daily Mirror.
We've used some different links in the headings above; there are more links in the original articles

Read  the Guardian article here     and read    the Daily Mirror article here

Don't forget, the government of the UK, leaderless though it might be, is still a Consrvative government and

still pursuing the austerity policies that caused the problems that thousands of brexit voters thought an 'out' vote would solve.


Does it make you angry? Want to do something about it?  Then join us.